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The Wal-Mart Syndrome - Quick and Easy
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Revolutionary New Binary design
Copyrighted and Patent Pending design by Rod Cook, to save the Binary pay plan from legal extinction! The Binary Pay Plan a perfectly good plan around the world is picked on by the "law". Why? No Customers!

Saving Your Company! Legal research on on the RAPID expansion of Customer Requirements Why Rod Cook, an MLM Pay Plan Master Expert and a Futurist, got busy copyrighting and filing patents on Cutomer driven pay plans to stay ahead of the law!  

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If you have or want a Unilevel or Matrix  MLM- Network Marketing pay Plan you have to have these High tech MLM legal modifications to stay in the MLM race! Beat your MLM Competition.

Fixing The Mangled Matrix! Matrices are a losing MLM pay plan have been mangled by "spill over" and short life spans. As an MLM - Network Marketing pay plan Matrixes have bed relegated to short lived MLM Companies.  Customers are sought and increase Compensation Plan payouts.

Why The Muddy Mangled Matrix?  Why MLM - Network Marketing Compensation Pay Plan Matrixes have short life spans.  MLM and Network Marketing Matrixes and use and abuse!

NEW BOOK! The Big (8.5"x11") Illustrated MLM Compensation Pay Plan Book
The world's best and only Illustrated MLM Compensation Pay Plan By Rod by Rod Cook, with the best pictures of MLM - Network Marketing Compensation Pay Plans.  You get a  roadmap to to guide you in understanding MLM Compensation pay plans and having the "light dawn"  quickly.

MLM Pay Plan Troubles